keyboard layout in xorg without hal-support

I just switched to xorg version wich has dropped HAL support. I was wondering how i can change keyboard layout as the default isn’t correct.

Should I add an udev rule, create a file in xorg.conf.d or can I enter the right layout anywhere in an existing config file xorg do reads that i’m missing?

(If this this topic belongs more to “pre-release” than here, it can be replaced by any of the admins. Don’t know where it belongs exactly)

nobody? :’(

I have never changed the keyboard layout in xorg; so I am not sure what you are trying to do - which may be the reason why nobody has answered.

Does YaST > Hardware > Keyboard Layout still exist for openSUSE 11.2 onwards? (I’m not sure, since still have 11.0 installed).

I know there is a file /etc/sysconfig/keyboard which has a couple of lines that may be relevant. There is a KEYTABLE entry similar to this


and a YAST_KEYBOARD entry like this


BTW, is the problem with your keyboard layout just with desktop, or at runlevel 3 (console mode) as well?

You may need to supply more info to get this answered satifactorily.