keyboard layout at startup (minor problem)

I use a regional variant of the DVORAK keyboard with UK punctuation as my keyboard layout. When installing openSuse 11.4, the nearest option for the keyboard layout during the setup process was DVORAK (the US one) so I chose that. The problem now is, even though in Control Centre/Hardware/Keyboard I put the UK Dvorak keyboard as the keyboard layout and deleted the other dvorak one, everytime I start up the computer the default US dvorak layout gets ‘readded’ to the list of keyboard layouts and also frogjumps the UK Dvorak layout to be the default layout, so on OS startup I must then go into control centre and delete it again.

Not really a problem so much as a minor annoyance, but anyone know any fixes for this? Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s fairly easy to remap your keyboard any way you like: I use a standard US one with various European characters mapped to things like the curly brackets etc which I rarely use (but still have available with various key combos). Just google for “xmodmap” for more info, and shout if you get confused :wink: