Keyboard-layout and short cuts


I am running suse 11.4 and kde 4.6.2 on a 64 bit machine.

I am using a us-keyboard with a dvorak-layout. The layout configuration is done in kde-systemsettings. As you know there is a certain table where you can add additional layouts.

The problem is that the functionality of the layouts depends on its order in the table. For instance if the first entry in the table is us-us and the second is us-dvorak, the most program-intern short cuts of kde-inherent programs (e.g. konqueror, dolphin) are not working (eg. ctrl+t for a new tab, instead you have to type ctrl+w) if the us-dvorak layout is chosen. This is limited to k-programs because such short cuts in for instance firefox work very well. If the order is vice versa, the global shortcuts of kde (eg. ctrl+f2 to change to the second dektop) are not working is us-dvorak is chosen.

Has anyone recognised the same problems or has an idea who to fix it.