keyboard exchange language

Hi all,
I just finish install my openSUSE11.2 for the first time. It is very nice and wonderful. thanks for all developer


I try to change the keyboard language between English and Arabic from:

yast then hardware

but without any succsess.

Is there any other method?

Also, from the same

yast then Network device then Networksitting

to activate the wireless using something called


to brows the Internet , Also using the traditional method without any success.
Any Idea?

I am using the KDE

Big Hugs for all

Than you all,
I can now write in arabic

الحمد لله

but I have only a problem in my wireless

could you please help me?


Please post your wireless problem in the Wireless forum. That is the place where thosee knowing will look to help people, not here.

And do not forget to read the three “sticky” threads in that forum first.

thank you very much