Keyboard buffer issue?

Hi folks,

I’m running Tumbleweed from a Dell Latitude E7270 laptop, and occasionally a weird keyboard buffer(?) issue occurs where, as I type from from the keyboard, suddenly one of the letters that I’m typing repeats 7-10 times. As I’ve typed this post, I’ve had it occur 3 different times. This issue has been inconsistent as my weekly Zypper updates will occasionally resolve the issue, and then within a few weeks it will once again appear. I originally thought this might be a hardware issue with the built-in keyboard, but it also appears when I plug in an external keyboard to the USB port on this laptop. Anyone seen this? What about suggestions to resolve the problem?


Are you sure you (or another) did not spill lemonade or so over the keyboard. To me that looks like sticking keys.

Well, that is entirely possible, but wouldn’t that only effect typing performed from the built-in keyboard? As I mentioned in the opening post, this issue also occurs when I connect an external keyboard to the laptop.


Hm, yes, that makes the coffe/beer/lemonade theory unlikely.

Is this Gnome? There’s a known bug in Gnome that does this (bug 1117833).

Yep, running Gnome under Tumbleweed. I looked at some of the reports and that looks like what I’m seeing also thanks for the pointer!


Well spotted Neil! :slight_smile:

I think it is time to appoligize for suggesting that you were behaving slovenly and spoiling things on the keyboard :shame: