Keyboard at login

I noticed that the keyboard mapping for the login under X seems to be US mapping although I set it to German. this cause some trouble for the password. The Shell and also KDE have the correct mapping.
Possible workaround:
Do not use special characters such as “_”, “Y”, “Z”,… for the password. Or remember the US layout :wink: !


A guess (only a guess) is that you only set the keyboard layout for the user (in he desktop which you do not mention :frowning: ) and not at the system level (e.g. at installation)…

And you also do not tell which version of openSUSE you use. :frowning:

Hello Henk,

sorry, I am new here!
I use openSuse 12.2 and set the keyboard during the installation (full, not update).
Login as user or root is the same: the keyboard layout is wrong. User independent. In a shell it is okay.

The keyboard is recognized by shell (ALT-CRTL-F2).
The keyboard is recognized when I use KDE as a user.

Desktop is standard (KDE)

Can I summarize that it is only wrong in one place: the GUI login screen? And that is most possibly kdm because you use KDE (but it might be different
You can check which displaymanager you use in* /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager*, the parameter DISPLAYMANAGER=

And there is another to check; look in* /etc/sysconfig/keyboard* at the parameter KEYTABLE=

(Oh, yes, do not login as root and never do so in a GUI).

Hello Henk,

thanks for the information. I am using kdm and the keyboard is set to de-latin-nodeadkeys

Everything should be okay.

Seems to be a minor problem, I can work around. Maybe it’s helpfull for other users facing the same?

By the way: I do not wish to log in as root!

Best regards


Hallo Carsten,

I do not know if you noticed, but there seems to be something similar here:
Go down there to Knurpht’s answer and what follows. I do not know if it is exactly the same as your problem (in any case it is French vs. German :wink: )