keyboard and mouse work only in failsafe mode


I recently ran an “innocent” flash player. But after that, I can not use the keyboard and the mouse. This happens when linux was running, then I turn off and turn on my computer, and they (keyboard and mouse) don’t work in the login screen.

The only way I have to ask from some help and using mouse and keyboard is enetering in failsafe mode.

But for now, I can not enter in normal linux 11.1 because keyboard, and mouse died.

Also I tried to repair system from the installation disk, but after select the menu option mouse and keyboard, don’t work neither

Any suggestions ?

Thanks for the feebacks


I cannot reach the format section on the dvd neither. This is a boot issue I think.

Testing one and another, in suse 9.3 I can arrive to the format screen. In suse 10.3 I can not.

I don’t know if this information helps but just int case…