Keyboard and all input devices fail after first zypper dup

Installed tumbleweed from recent installation media onto a desktop machine.
Rebooted, and all works fine.
Sometime later, do a zypper dup, from virtual console at multi-user target, which succeeds with no errors.
At next reboot, keyboard works at grub, but at any point afterward, it nor (integrated in keyboard) touchpad, nor other spare keyboard, produce any response on screen.
The only exception might have been at partition decryption password entry prompt, although rescue mode / single user somehow has the problem anyway.

Tried but did not help…
All the other usb ports
Boot from prior kernel
Boot live, and removed any of the new packages (ignored the updated packages) added by the zypper dup
Boot live, mount the root partition, setup a proper jail, chroot into it, zypper dup the system again
Checked logs for related errors
Each of the potential i8042 kernel params like i8042.dumbkbd=1
Various other kernel params as advised in forums
amd_iommu=on iommu=pt
Reinstall tumbleweed fresh

These various uefi configs as advised in forums are not present in uefi options so could not try them…
IOMMU Controller
Enable XHCI Handoff
Disable EHCI Handoff
Enable IOMMU

Ultimately, if there’s something someone can suggest that’s not too difficult to try, then let’s give it a shot. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth going down a troubleshooting rabbit hole, considering everything that’s been tried so far.


If you have an encrypted system partition, are you certain that, you’ve entered the correct password at boot time?

Definitely yes. Otherwise the boot process would not reach grub, but it does accept the password and does reach grub.

Sorry for the delayed reply. Prior attempts by email kept getting returned after several days.

FWIW, I’m now upgrading from 20221214 to 20230105, and xf86-input-keyboard is being removed. Is your configuration is dependent on it?

Noticed it being removed as well, on another, properly working system. It is also installed on the problem system, but zypper dist-upgrade --dry-run on the problem system does not indicate that it would be removed. Don’t know if it needs to remain on this system or not, but it is described as “keyboard input driver for the Xorg X server” and thus seems irrelevant since the issue occurs even at