Keyboard an mouse not working

Keyboard and mouse not working after upgrading Opensuse 11.2 to Opensuse 11.3 milestone 6. Please help!

elliottj in general it is not a good idea to load a pre-release version of any OS on top of a working copy. It is not a good idea for a new user to do it. It should only be loaded on a separate machine or in a virtual session. And in general, software does not want to downgrade. I would look for other replies, but I am thinking you may need to reload openSUSE 11.2 from scratch.

Thank You and good Luck,

Please read the sticky notes for new users about how to ask for help.

To begin with, our crystal ball is fuzzy, it doesn’t tell us what kind of hardware you have, what you’ve tried so far and what the results were, or anything else about your situation.

How is someone supposed to help if you don’t explain the problem thoroughly?

Also, changes in the way programs work or where they store settings frequently change between versions, especially beta versions. Understand that beta software (11.3) has errors and bugs and is meant for users who are willing to take risks with their data and systems, it isn’t meant for newcomers who don’t have at least some knowledge of their system and its internals.

I strongly recommend you start with a STABLE version until you have more experience. Enjoy the thrill of learning what linux can do for you and welcome to the community.