Keyboard acting very strangely

Hello, I’m a new user of openSUSE and just installed it on my HP DV6 computer. I’ve upgraded to Tumbleweed although the problem exists in base openSUSE 11.4 as well, whenever I’m typing sometimes it seems that a particular key(Most likely the last one) get’s sort of “stuck” automatically and gets repeated 10-12 times. This problem did not exist in Windows, Ubuntu or Fedora. Can anyone help?

I’m using KDE 4.7 with openSUSE Tumbleweed(11.4). My laptop has a AMD Phenom II N950 with Radeon HD5650M/4200 and I’m using fglrx drivers for display. I’ve disabled everything in Accessibility and apart from that I also increased keyboard repeat delay found in YaST > System Keyboard Layout > Expert settings. But it is not helping.

You might take a look at the keyboard model: Systemsettings - Input devices - Keyboard - Hardware. On some HP/Compaq laptops I’ve had to pick the keyboard model there, since it was not autodetected.