Keyboard abnormalities on boot

This may be related to other things I am troubleshooting, such as

LEAP 15.2 Hard Disk Activity Memory Hole

When I boot my system (Dell Inspiron 7591, all Intel onboard, no swap, 16GB RAM, etc.) my keyboard seems to be not registering every other key press. It’s as if something is “distracting it” or the system is experiencing some sort of lag.

I cannot figure out what it is, and top was no use. It may be something deep in the system. This is a very new laptop, so it could be anything I guess.

Here’s my dmesg:

There are other files in the vmstat directory (above link) that may help (lsmod, etc).

Is there a way to troubleshoot this or determine what might be causing the lags?

I just went through every module loaded (lsmod) and enabled debug on this module (/etc/modprobe.d/99-local.conf).

I just went into GRUB2 config and enabled about five different kernel-level debugging features related to ACPI and such, to see if maybe I can find useful memory leak and other detection abilities.

It seems running a newer kernel with cgroup_disable=memory in boot line prevents the problem. Further testing needed. It’s assumed that because this is a brand new Inspiron 7591, it’s “new hardware” growing pains.


I’m beginning to wonder if, the latest batch of UEFI Mainboards behave better if Secure Boot is enabled …

  • Looking at your systemd Journal, the “integrity” entries are indicating that, the Mainboard has Dell and Microsoft certificates on board.

The following Reference Handbook gives some UEFI information: <>.

  • Note that, the openSUSE DER file needed by MOK is located in “/usr/share/efi/x86_64/” …
  • Read the UEFI help text in your Mainboard’s UEFI/BIOS very carefully – the openSUSE certificate uses the Microsoft signing service and therefore, the EFI Operating System is “Windows 10” and not, “Other” …

Hey sorry for the long pause in replying.

Dell replaced the keyboard on that machine, then it continued to happen (probably motherboard component) so they said they’d replace the motherboard. Then 2 weeks later they called me on the phone, no parts for it and probably never will be, so they replaced that machine with a 7506 2-in-1.

Anyways, I just wanted to close this so that people know it’s not OpenSUSE’s fault. I was only attempting to see if maybe someone knew something I didn’t (which is highly likely). Anyways, thank you all for your wonderful support.

There are even brighter folks: Not very bright: Apple geniuses spend two weeks, $10,000 of repairs on a MacBook Pro fault caused by one dumb bug • The Register