Key Sequence to turn off/on Touchpad?

I’m using openSUSE 12.3 KDE on my HP 2000 Notebook PC and have searched for the issue about temporarily turning off the Touchpad while I am typing something (like this post) so that my palm doesn’t inadvertently bump the mouse cursor elsewhere which has really driven me nuts when that happens. The computer came with Windows 8 and has a Touchpad with a little dip in the upper left corner to press to turn the Touchpad on and off, and a little amber light would come on when it is off (in Windows 8); that feature does not seem to be available (as far as I know) for openSUSE, so I was wondering if there was a key combination in openSUSE to turn the Touchpad on and off.

I have learned of the synaptiks software and have activated it and set it to come on at boot up, and I have activated the feature to automatically turn the Touchpad off when I start typing, so I’m off to a good start there … it is just at times, I might want to turn the Touchpad off and on manually, if that option is available to me, say through a key-sequence. I checked the synaptics configuration and I see no way of turning the Touchpad off temporarily.


You can try the following:

KDE Kickoff Application ->Opening on All Applications ->System Configuration ->Synaptiks

  • Open Synaptiks Touchpad Management | Automatically Switch off touchpad on keyboard activity (Checkbox)
  • Optional: Drag Synaptiks to systray. This will create a link for future setting changes.

Thanks … I did activate that program (apparently it was already installed) and it’s in the system tray – I had hope for a two-key sequence because of “pauses” between typing stuff, but I can work with the synaptiks the way it is, and as I guess you know, I can increase the length of time for when the touchpad comes back on; it is definitely much easier to deal with now :good:


You are welcome.

If you would like to see new settings in upcoming versions, I would recommend contacting the synaptiks project maintainer to submit your request.