key boars issue.

HI All,
I am having trouble with the keyboard on opensuse 13.2.
I am using a lenovo G 505 computer.
The trouble shows up in the various browers I am using and
in the terminal program where the characters jump from
terminal to the run command window at random.
The browser, opera 31, is going crazy as I type these
lines into the message.
I am tempted to dump this build and go back to 13.1
so as to determine whether the problem is the software
the computer’s hardware itself.
I did go in a slow down the keyboard response time and
repeat delay.
i just typed a few lines in libre office writer and the results
were less erratic but far from perfect.
So, i don’t know what to make of this issue !!!

Maybe problem with lenovo](

Hello All,
I found my problem. I had a bad computer.
I am now on an identical lenovo g 505 that
does not have a bad keyboard.
I took my opensuse 13.2 HD and moved it
to this computer and it booted right up
without incident.
These computers were on sale at Frys three
years ago as a close out and I bought the
last two they had. I have had some serious
health issues in the last three years and did
not have time to play with these computers.
So, I guess that I will not have to go back to
13.1. or try Fedora 22, HA HA

Nice you found it. And thanks for reporting back. Enjoy