Key Board Layouts for Languages

I have recently installed 11.4 (64 bit) on Dell Dimension C521 with both Gnome and KDE desktops. I have 11.2 (64 bit) also on the same machine with Gnome Desktop. I often need to create documents in Hindi and Marathi, requiring Devnagri fonts, which I could do well enough in 11.2. I find that while the necessary keyboard layouts are available in KDE, the Gnome list does not include Hindi layout. Where can I find the requisite file and how do I install it (in Gnome)?

I use onscreen keyboard for typing in these languages. In KDE the symbols on the onscreen board do not change and remain standard English alphabets. Also the keyboard layout in KDE appears to be faulty in that it does not include the vowels (except आ). I found this by trying all key combinations.

Are these aspects linked with the font files? How can I add another font (True Type) to the existing lot?

Can anyone help.


You can use Gnome applications within KDE; so you don’t need to set up the keyboard layouts in both desktops. I suspect that the problems with the onscreen keyboard are due to lack of developer time/interest so far. Interest in both KDE and openSUSE is increasing in India - so I expect the problem will be solved in due course.

To add new fonts, simply download them and in KDE use the Font manager in System settings.

Dear john_hudson,

Yes, I could get my work done with KDE desktop but for the problems there. What intrigues me is that a feature available in 11.2 is not there in 11.4! The problem is in the Gnome Desktop, specifically gnome-keyboard-properties is missing a number of options.

KDE problems - The problem in respect of hindi vowel keys missing is probably due to errors in the mapping of keys. And the on screen keyboard characters not changing with the language make typing very tedious. But then this was not so in Gnome with 11.2. I had not loaded KDE then due to space limitation on Hard Disk so I cannot comment on what was there in KDE with 11.2.

There is a problem in Libre Office (writer) also. With the hindi keyboard setting it does not accept two consecutive character key stokes. The characters have to be separated by space (space-bar stroke), what I mean is one cannot form words (like cat comes out as c a t, with hindi alphabets of course). The problem is not while using kwrite or gedit.

How do we convey the problem to Gnome, KDE and OpenSuse and Libre Office teams?


On 2011-10-08 16:16, PrakashC wrote:

> How do we convey the problem to Gnome, KDE and OpenSuse and Libre
> Office teams?


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