Key board keys are swapping

when i press \ system is displaying #. There is no key to display \ and |. Can anyone tell how to fix it?

That means you selected the wrong keyboard.

Where does the issue appear, which desktop, which openSUSE?

OPENSUSE 12.2 KDE. I am using sony VAIO laptop.

Can anybody please reply how to fix this?

On 01/18/2013 12:46 PM, mgkr811 wrote:
> Can anybody please reply how to fix this?

try: in KDE4 on openSUSE 12.2 go Common Appearance and Behavior > Locale
and check you have the correct country selected on the “Country”
tab–click Apply if you changed anything, and correct selection on the
“Languages” tab and click Apply again if needed…

then click the back arrow to go to the Overview (or close and go
Configure Desktop > Hardware > Input Devices and on the Keyboard (on the
left) and Hardware tab, make sure your selection for keyboard is
correct…NOTE if your exact keyboard is not listed in the drop down it
may be necessary for you to do some experimenting with others
there…mine is today set to “Generic 101-key PC” even though it is a
pretty expensive and heavy duty IBM board…

then click on the Layouts tab and here you MUST “Configure layouts” to
match the software to the actual layout of the keyboard…that is, the
different keys are in different places if you have a keyboad from the
USA (use a US map), or from the UK (UK map), or from Denmark (a DK map)
etc etc etc etc…since you didn’t disclose where you are or what kind
of keyboard you have i can’t help more…

again, after making the new selection click Apply and give it a try.

well, i can say that when using a Danish language keyboard and a DK map
my \ key is on right next to the left shift key and to get that symbol i
must press and hold down the AltGr key (which on some keyboards is the
Alt key on the right side of the space bar…


Thank you so much. ITS WORKING NOW.


welcome! happy to learn of your smile…

Have a lot of fun!

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