Kerry Beagle

Functuonality / use case:
I want to run a full text search over a few thousands of MS Word-, pdf- and OOe-files. These files are stored in a filing system of directories and sub-directories. I need to search for a number of key words which I combine with AND, OR and NOT. There should also be the possibility of searching for a sequence of words like “water supply and sanitation”.


  1. Which software do you recommend for this use case which runs under openSUSE/KDE?

  2. I have been using Kerry Beagle. But when my colleague cross checked the search result for the same key-word in the same directory/across the same set of files by using the search function of the MS File Explorer, the search resulted in much more hits/results than this was the case with Kerry Beagle. Hence, I am a bit worried if Kerry Beagle really finds all documents. Does anybody have an explanation for this?

  3. How does Kerry Beagle initialize documents? How can I ensure that the software initializes all documents in the directory and sub-directory system. It might be relevant to mention that this file system is share and used by many users, some work under Linux others work under MS. Users are able to store and remove files.

> 2) I have been using Kerry Beagle.

i see no one is answering…i am not surprised…the problem might be
that most of the folks here recommend to kill that dog (beagle) or at
least do NOT feed it (disable it) so it will leave the system
ALONE…it is a cpu hog that often causes intermittent pauses, freezes
etc etc etc…

i really feel sorry for you if you have staked the usefulness of Linux
on that hound…

personally, i’m not gonna take the time to read up on it so i can tell
you for sure, but i really don’t think it will look inside a pdf and
index words/phrases…

and, i know very little about MS-Word and NOTHING about “OOe-files”…
maybe someone who knows can add to your knowledge so you don’t have to
dig out the beagle documentation…

maybe you have selected the wrong tool… i don’t know, beagle may
be perfect! but i doubt it…here are a few sites that specialize in
finding open source/free or for purchase replacements for M$
software…maybe beagle is said to be the best:
Give a hacker a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach man and you feed him for a lifetime.

and, of course: Google is always your friend, try:“MS+File+Explorer”&btnG=Search“File+Explorer”&btnG=Search
[using terms like replacement, substitute, etc returned NO hits]

i’m gonna guess that there are folks here (not me) that would cook up
a script which would dump pdf/OOe(?)/doc and etc files into a database
which you could then index and search at the speed of light…and, be
off having coffee with the pretty secretaries while your microsoftie
friends are still waiting for the blue screen to clear or the worm to
be found and killed…

i guess what i’m saying is beagle might be a hammer and you need a
jewelers screwdriver…

good luck–remember that Linux is a real, industrial strength,
enterprise read system…i am CERTAIN it will do this job for
you…but, probably not with a desktop searcher called beagle.

Note: Accuracy, completeness, legality, or usefulness of this posting
may be illusive.