kernl and kernel source. Unable to install VMWare tools


I’m testing OpenSuse 11.1. So I’m running it on VMWare 1.0.9.

But I’m unable to install vmware tools.

When running is says I have to install C headers files that match my running kernel.
So I’ve installed kernel-source. But my kernel is:
root> uname -r

and kernel source is:
root> rpm -qa | grep source

so wmware tools say they are different.

How can I install kernel-source for my kernel (or update kernel to that source)?

The more logical way would be to update your kernel to that version and reboot.

I’ve found the kernel-source in the installation DVD.

But it returns compilation errors with pae kernel.

Nevertheless, I’ve been able to install vmware tools.


Something is not clear to me.
You say you are testing opensuse inside VMWare 1.0.9. I suppose that is the Server version of VMWare.

But to install VMWare tools you need to activate this option in one of the VMWare menu’s and than a virtual disk will be mounten from where you can install the shell script as root.

But you mention
That is the configuration script to configure the VMWare software which is running under linux, but in this case you are already running VMWare with Linux inside it. So are you running this VMWare on another Linux distro ?

It’s really not clear and to me it seems that you are mixing two things.

Yes, you are right.

I’m a Kubuntu 8.04 user. And i’m thinkig about migrating to OpenSuse.

I use VMWare Server 1.0.9.

But now, after installing kernel source, compilation was fine and it runs…