Kernel will not boot (grey screen)

Last 2 kernel updates are not booting on my atom laptop. I was hoping the latest would work but it has the same issues. I was going through the advanced options to select the last working kernel.
Is there any way to debug this type of problem?

Do you still have a bootable kernel installed?

Can you boot to a command line? On the grub boot screen, hit the ‘e’ key to get an edit window. Scroll down until you find a line that begins “linux” (or could be “linuxefi”). Hit the END key to get to the end of that line. Then insert " 3" (without the quotes). Hit CTRL-X to resume booting.

Unfortunately the last kernel update bumped off the last working kernel.

But playing around with part of your suggestion I was able to add nomodeset to the end of the linux line with the recovery and get to KDE.

I suppose this means i have a gpu issue. This laptop is a eee with optimus. Basically ive typically been able to run off the intel pineview and just use bumblebee to disable the nvidia gpu. Never had too much luck recently running primus to use the nv gpu.

have any other ideas now?
I suppose one solution is install the last working kernel.

You could try reinstalling bumblebee, or using suse-prime instead of bumblebee. Do you see any clues to what failed in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old, or from booting without nomodeset? Lines with (EE), except the one describing what it means, are serious trouble. (WW) lines might also provide clues. If your last boot was without nomodeset, then

journalctl -b -1 | grep ailed

might also provide clues.

You might want to try a web search for atom xorg screen blank or some such, or searching bugzilla for atom. There seems to be a rash of trouble with atom lately. Someone might have found a workaround or fix or at least know some specific fault already.