Kernel Upgrades & misc

Hello Everybody, i’m new to openSUSE, just installed 11.2 some days ago and have several problems with kernel 2.6.31 and my hardware, i was wondering if there is a way to upgrade it to version 2.6.32… that i know i dont have any problems with it.

The problems that i have is with my ath9x driver, iv’e experience it before with other distros and the same kernel (2.6.31)

Another question i have is about VirtualBox, i use it to run windows, and i’m amazed of the lack of speed and performance i have in openSUSE, i dont know if it’s because i’m doing something wrong, quite possible since i’m not familiar with the -suse way- of using linux… i read the wiki about virtualbox made all that it’s said (used OSE and non-OSE) and nothing changed… it’s unusable. i used to use it in other distros with no problems, but in suse i have alot of issues.

apart from all the issues i have concerning speed and performance in openSUSE it’s worth of a try.

hope that configuring it better will speed up and increase performance.

btw, i have a amd athlon x2 2.1ghz, ati radeon hd3200 using fglrx module and 4gb of ram.

thank you very much for your time,

Bionic Pixel

Would the 2.6.33 kernel work? Because that’s what’s in the openSUSE repo now, since it’s the latest kernel. You can get the kernel here:

It’s best to install this along with your current kernel rather than updating. Then grub will give the option to boot into either one.

How much memory, both system and video, have you allotted to your guest os in VirtualBox?

How do I install the kernel along the current kernel?
When I installed the kernel, it replaced the kernel.

In /etc/zypp/zypp.conf add this line with your kernel type. Then on the next reboot, you will see two kernels to boot into. The newer one should be the default.

multiversion = kernel-desktop

If you use the YaST software management tool, it will install the new kernel without touching the old one and make a new entry in grub.

Thank you very much for you reply.

i will download it, and reply.

about the virtualbox subjet: i gave 1gb of ram, and 128mb of video (more than what i usually give to a vbox machine)…


Bionic Pixel

i added the repo to download the latest kernel, but when i install it it cant boot, it gives kernel panic.

while booting the output says that there are problems with the certain modules.