Kernel upgrade issues

Hello all! long time no see (what can I say Suse is a solid os, it just doesn’t break :slight_smile: but anyway upgraded to 12.2 and when running the updates I received the following message.

kernel-desktop-base-3.4.11-2.16.1x86_64 conflicts withkernel-desktop=3.4.11-2.16.1 provided by kernel-desktop-3.4.11-2.16.1.x86_64

conflict resolution
replacement of kernel-desktop-base-3.4.11-2.16.1.x86_64 with kernel-desktop-base-3.4.18-1.1.x86_64

Now when it comes to low level things like the kernel I like to be 200% sure of what I’m doing before I do it, and in this case I’m not, so any help or input about this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You upgraded (a common English word that onle vaguely describes what your intention was, but not what you exactly did) from what level to 12.2 and what way of “upgrading” did you follow?

Hello there!

To put it simple, (as far as I know) kernel-desktop-base is a “smaller” version of kernel-desktop. I had the same problem when I updated from 12.1. You just have to remove the other, and stick with one.

Also, do not try to mix kernel flavors. If you install kernel-desktop, than everything kernel related should be desktop.


Thanks Horvath, your solution worked great, (also caused my vmware player to work as well which, before was throwing me a kernel-headers error) I wasn’t aware that a base kernel installed with a desktop kernel could cause so many issues, but I guess you learn something new everyday :slight_smile: