Kernel upgrade for 11.0

I´d like to try the newest kernel 2.6.27.x for 11.0, but i little worry, whether everything would run smooth. Have you try anybody this kernel. Hava you any troubles with it?

If you look at the kernel docs, you should be able to boot both the new and old kernels - just name it kernel-2.6.27.x and add it to the bootloader option.
If you don’t like it you can boot from the old kernel.

You should install experimental kernels yourself with “rpm -i”, which should create the initrd for you on that specific kernel (don’t run mkinitrd without specifying kernel & initrd file).

There also ought to be an additional GRUB entry for the new kernel. If it’s not created automatically, it’s simple to do, by editting /boot/grub/menu.lst.

thx, guy. i just wanted experiences.
ok, i´ll have to try it myself.