Kernel update - system won't boot

Hi all,

Having major major headaches here on my Opensuse 11 box (64 bit). Last night YaST did an update for me, and installed the new kernel, and as a result when I rebooted, after getting to GRUB I got an error message along the lines of ‘Filesystem not found’ - or ‘file not found’. Can’t provide the exact details I’m afraid.
I reinstalled the base system and that got it back. But the thing now is that YaST insists that I install the new kernel when I try to install NVIDIA drivers, and that just breaks the whole system now. I can’t boot, and the only way to get back in is another reinstall. Anyone know what’s going on here? I’m seriously not amused…!


It sounds like you lost Grub

Filesystem not found

It’s hard to know why that happened when we don’t know anything about your system. ie; number of HD’s - other OS’s - Where you had Grub installed.

Updates to Nvidia should not force a Kernel Update.
It is possible to right click Packages and Lock them- so they don’t update

You can use the repair system from the dvd to put Grub back

In future Manage updates Manually via
Yast-Software- Software Management

Serious Linux users just don’t auto update

Thanks for the tip - that might be useful. The first time it happened was an autoupdate, but I decided not to go that way again. But after that it was YaST doing it’s own thing. I’d select the NVIDIA driver to install, and it would bring up a whole other list of automatically selected packages, including this new kernel. I couldn’t deselect any or all of them, and couldn’t install the NVIDIA driver without accepting YaST’s recommendation.
Plus I’ve installed from the Live CD so I’m not sure I can do a rescue system…

I’ve installed from the Live CD so I’m not sure I can do a rescue system…
I think not.
Although i sometimes use the live cd in Virtual Box - just to mess with, I can recall. But the nature of the beast is quite different to the dvd, as it boots to a live desktop. But maybe try running it, click the install button on the live desktop and see if there is an update option.
I’ll see if I can root a cd out and run one to see what options there are.


No the option to repair is not there

The nvidia driver is a kernel module. The one in the repository is always pegged to the kernel version under which the driver was compiled. So there are times when the only way via YaST to get an updated driver version is to pull in the newest kernel. Of course, you have every reason to expect that to not be a problem. But this stuff does happen sometimes.

In the future just fyi, if you so desire, you can obtain the driver from the nvidia site. Sometimes it is a newer version than what is in the repository, so it’s not even avail thru YaST. There have been times when that newer version is required, e.g., a driver bug affecting your card. This driver is in source-code form, so it gets compiled against whatever kernel you have. If you ever have occasion to go this route, just remember to uninstall the binary package from YaST before running the downloaded compile/install script.

Also, IMHO it’s a very good idea to keep an accessible copy of the current kernel and initrd before making a kernel update. That way, if a new kernel borks, you can easily break out of the grub menu and point grub to the backup kernel/initrd in order to boot.

Thanks. Yes, that makes sense - installing the updated driver meant that my kernel had to be updated too and something went very wrong with that. When I rebooted GRUB was giving me the choice of SuSE 11 with the new kernel or just plain SuSE11 (which I presumed was the previous kernel), but neither option worked.

Anyway, it’s a shame because OpenSUSE11 was going really well up until this happened…

So is the problem resolved . . . or did you just bail on openSUSE?