Kernel update bug

suse 10.3(lastest updates)

A kernel update will keep adding a suse entry and suse failsafe entry to the grub menu. I have to manually delete the extra items each time.

I may be wrong but I think its meant to do that

edit /etc/zypp/zypp.conf and comment out the line

multiversion = kernel-desktop

or whichever kernel you are running.
Save the file and the next time you do a kernel update it won’t save any older kernels.

I, however, always keep two good kernels on my system and delete the third oldest kernel. That way I can always boot to a good kernel if an update has problems.
See my post #12 in this thread for more details. Is Newest Kernel Update ( Safe?
Good luck.

Are you sure version 10.3??? there are no new updates to that version. Current version is 11.3

I’ll keep the last older version. The top entry is the latest version. Thanks.

Opps. It’s Suse 11.3