Kernel update also in error on 11.2

After the lastest update 11.2 also suffers from the problem already reported here for 11.3. I am lucky to have two linux partitions and was actualy able to boot into the second partition. From this second system I could repair this or at least a quick-n-dirty fallback to be able to boot.

  1. Copied the version for initrd and vmlinuz from /boot to /first_partition/boot
  2. Copied the /first_partition/boot/grub/menu.lst.old to /first_partition/boot/grub/menu.lst to reset to the old menu.

After boot the system could start but modules were not loaded.

  1. copied /lib/modules/ from the second partition to the first.
  2. The same for /usr/src/linux-*

Now my system will boot and start modules such as network and sound.

Still, was this correct? I don’t know for sure if there are some issues that I haven’t discovered yet. And obviously, what will happen with future updates (either kernel or other)?

Regards, Berry.

berryvansleeuwen it sounds like you did fine in recovering from a bad kernel update. Though, I am not sure what is wrong that would create such a problem. I have suggested to several users here they might want to modify their setup so that you normally maintain more than one kernel and do not wipe out a working kernel when you install a new one.

Also, any time you load a new kernel, it can upset your video setup if you have loaded an external video driver for a nVidia or ATI video card which must be redone after a new kernel is loaded. In such a case, the kernel loads, but no GUI (in KDE or GNOME) is started until you reload the video driver. So, don’t be confused with kernel issues and video issues.

Here is a pointer to another thread where I suggest a change that permits having more than one kernel installed in your system.

Keeping the current kernel when doing a kernel update through yast

Thank You,

By any chance do you have an ATI card? I did update here with an NVIDIA 6800+ and see no problems. TH NVIDIA driver is installed from the repos’s so I did not have to reinstall that. I did reinstall VirtualBox because I have installed that manually.

I am using 11.2 (32bit) too and the kernel update went okay…

Thanks. I couldn’t think of something either. If anything, the current running kernel differs from the one in the RPM database. So dependencies could be off now.

As for the problem, a missing file during boot, pointed to the kernel not to a video problem. The cause of that was already explained in a previous post, though I can’t find that one right now. (IIRC probably a file that had been deleted after initrd was build causing initrd to look for a file that isn’t there anymore)

Thanks for the link. That could indeed solve a problem like this. Or at least give an easier fallback.

Regards, Berry.