I was trying to get the package ready to install my Graphics card to the new update. This is the problem that I am having.

Problem: nothing provides kernel-devel = 2.6.35-21 needed by kernel-syms-2.6.35-21.1.x86_64
 Solution 1: do not install kernel-syms-2.6.35-21.1.x86_64
 Solution 2: break kernel-syms by ignoring some of its dependencies

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Now the vanilla kernel is 2.6.35-21 were as the “default” opensuse one is 2.6.35-20. I have googled and told opensuse download search engine to look for the 2.6.35-20. I cannot find it at all.

If I upgraded to the vanilla kernel without the opensuse patches would it make my machine unstable? Or can I tell it to break some of the dependencies?

So when I check our repo I only see 2.6.35-20.1 and are you saying you have installed 2.6.35-21.? Here is the location I am using which seems to have the Kernel-syms file.

No one is really going to help all that much when you use a kernel higher that 2.6.34 and moving beyond the above repository does not seem wise. I suggest using a release for a while and not updating every few days unless there is a very good reason to do so. I would think you could load the 2.6.35-20.1 version and you would be OK.

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I did get the graphics driver to work and yes the update was cause I could not play a game with the 2.6.34 Kernel, it had issues with wine. I went ahead and told it to break it dependencies for the Kernel-syms 2.6.35-21 even though I was running 2.6.35-20 and it worked fine. Wine is up and running and able to play the game just fine. Also there were no issues installing my ATI graphics card the hard way.