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I think this forum should have a sub-group for kernel related questions beneath the ‘Get help here’ group, with perhaps a written introduction to the different kernel flavours. That would, in my view, benefit to an even greater forum.

Not much of an argument just an expression of personal preference. I have looked for a similar group twice these last days and just thought I should make a suggestion:)


F Sauce wrote:
> I think this forum should have a sub-group for kernel related questions
> beneath

perhaps the information you seek is best found in one of these,
existing wiki pages:

if after reading all the information in or referenced by the wiki, you
find you have remaining questions you might have asked in the new
forum you suggested, i’d suggest a better place to ask is among a
group of kernel hackers–they are very seldom here in these fora, as
the level of technical detail here is usually at a more help the
new-to-openSUSE level…

two places to drop those questions would be in the IRC channel and
mail list referenced on the first URL above…

openSUSE mail lists have rules of engagement which you really should
read prior to posting…

those rules and good hints on what to expect in the IRC channel are
both in

Have a lot of fun!

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I think DenverD is right (at least in this posting of his :wink: ).

And I also think (supporting DenverD’s suggestions of channels with the best chances):

  1. Suggestions/wishes on the wiki mailing list might have led to a kernel article at all but I doubt that there will be more to gain by using that channel see:
    [opensuse-wiki] Redundant namespaces, in particular openSUSE:](
    and following

  2. Surgestions/wishes on the related wiki discussion-/talk-pages did not lead to a improvement jet:

So have a lot of success
and improve the fun of us all!

Hello and thanks for replying.

Sometimes information given in a text will be too complex for some users and the need for an explanation arise. Besides, text are sometimes too narrow, ambiguous or outdated etc. And all though there are channels appropriate for posting those questions elsewhere I still think it also could be nice to address such questions in this forum, something which also happens though not within a specific forum ‘category’.


i’d guess any kernel question you could ask in a kernel sub-forum
could also be asked in either install/boot/login or one of the
development forums…

so, don’t let the absence of a specific forum let your questions go
unasked–just remember that most of the real gurus do not hang in
these fora, and therefore you might not get the best answer (or any)…

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You’re probably right, however if one wish to attract those gurus onto this forum, or/and wishes to heighten the kernel knowledge in general, one need a lively discussion concerning kernels and a framework for which it could occur. Though I do agree, there is usually alternatives for the posts regarding kernels.

Maybe you could for the first few times just use the “Tag” line with (1-5) tag-words like “kernel”, “mainline”, “vanilla” etc. when you start a new thread?

If there is a bit more talk over kernels maybe you will get your seperated aerea easier…

I do not think that a subforum with very few postings in it will attract so much more posters
(;)like a restaurant with much room and few guests in it - I normally doubt the quality of the food if I see such event / :wink: ).

Have a lot of fun!

Okay, I give up! Does not seem to be much support for this suggestionlol!


F Sauce wrote:
> Okay, I give up!

don’t give up! you have had ONLY two dissenting opinions from a
couple of folks who will (i guess) not be making any decisions on how
many forums and what they are named. (there are over 45,000 folks with
passwords to post here, so there is NO reason to think two folks carry
enough power for you to give up!)

ask your questions…if kernel discussion become an extremely
important part of these fora, that will be evident to all…and the
kernel hackers will be the first to flock in, then.

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That has been just 2 opinions. And nobody have written something about ‘not at all’/‘never’ only a bit ‘maybe not that way?’/‘maybe not now?’.

And for the beginning: I think nobody will hider you to make a new kernel-How-To (or -What-Is) in the "Unreviewed How To and FAQ".
I just personally think that things like that may be easier/better done (especially more collaboratively) in a wiki.

And I personally like just the character of these forums that (in contrast to the mailinggoups) there are not 99 different groups. And I will mostly get an answer even if I got not the right group for my usually stupid questions (or by getting answers to that question I will realize that could put the thread just in 3 other groups/subforums.

I know that there are opinions e. g. for a special group for server related questions among the people in this forums, too. But if I look at the box down on Advanced Search - openSUSE Forums : a group/subgroup/might “graphic” be something to think of first (if there should be any new ones).

Have a lot of success

All the same, my thanks to you, the two participants, for your engagement. And all though it is just you two who have put forward your opinions, several other could have if they had had any interest in having seen through the proposed changes to the forum.

Perhaps I someday will be able to write a Howto on kernels, however, this is not the day. My motivation was based on the lack off knowledge, purely selfish. When I get into the marrow of software, in this case the kernel, I always end up with huge amount of questions. I am no computer technician/programmer! I sometimes wonder why I continue to use Linux; my curiosity and my slightly anti-conformity attitude probably started it off. My main occupation involving the computer are multimedia; beside that, I play some, surf the net and I used OpenOffice and Kontact allot when I studied. Audio production on Linux is not so easy (my opinion) all though the usability for non-technical users, like me, has seen lots of improvements. And if I had gone along with Cubase or Nuendo, like some of my friends, I would have had less obstacles and problems to dealt with. That said, using Linux forces you to become aware of factors which you not necessarily would have to deal with on Windows/Mac, and I like that; for that as well as other reasons, I like being on OpenSuSE. One of those factors involved is the kernel. And allthough I have compiled a lot of them myself I do not necessarily know what I do, I usually follow some tip/howto etc. The kernels usually work, but: ‘Could they have worked better?’ ‘Are there some settings which put in risk something else on the system?’; the ‘list of question’ could be more detailed and possibly endless. Besides, the kernels change and new features are introduced; after the 10 series of SuSE I have mainly used the ‘jeng kernels’ which has worked fine until the 2.6.33xxx series were introduced; after that I have had graphical issues with those. Hence, I am outdated both knowledge and manual-wise, thus I do not know to much of how to proceed in regard compiling a rt-kernel nowadays as I have not compiled one sine OS 10.3. At present I use the official rt-kernel which probably will be fine, though there are some issues with it that I look at at the moment.

This forum is the first place I come to when I have questions I wish to deal with. Thus, with my need to have some place to address kernel related question, I started this thread.



Learning is fun when it culminates in something defined as success, thus it would be nice if there popped up a guru ala oldcpu on the topic related to realtime handling of kernel/applications, to have that possibility a shot with fairer odds, on this forum.:slight_smile:

F Sauce wrote:
> it would be nice if there popped up a guru ala oldcpu on the topic
> related to realtime handling of kernel/applications

i highly recommend you reconsider my earlier suggestion that you find
an openSUSE mail list to join…there is one devoted to kernel

if nothing else, just join and listen (and learn)…

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