kernel source version 3.12.28-4-default

I have SLES 3.12.28-4-default and I am looking for kernel sources package, I need to compile my kernel driver, since I #include some /fs/btrfs/ sources
I need to download the kernel source package from online repository and not via zypper since i dont have active subscription.
Is it possible ? where do i get it from ?\


As this is t he openSUSE forums and not the SLES/SLED forums, you may get better advice at (same account/passwd as here).

Wrong forum this is the openSUSE forum not the SUSE forum .

you can use the same log in as here

As the fine gents pointed out this place is for openSUSE but luckily some of us also use SLE (and I dislike the f.s.c skin :slight_smile: ) so:

You can find the SLE12GA and SP1 kernel sources and such from here;


Update project contains all the maintenance and other security update kernel and other software versions.

There are different build projects for SP1 GA, SP1 GA Update and SP2 GA Update

When I go to

How do i get the package as rpm or tar ?
there is a “Download Package” that takes me no where…


They are not offered as an rpm, you need to download them all and rebuild the rpm yourself.

Or you could get a subscription… :slight_smile:

“osc getbinaries” may work.

Actually i dont need rpm, i dont mind just getting the folder structure as is when the .h and .c are in it…
I dont get how to download source code, usually i just git clone or svn checkout in order to get code, or dpkg/apt-get/yum etc to get complete packages.

Is there a post anywhere explaining how to download the code from ?

I see there is a link to: Go to download repository

But it is broken.

btw the closet i could find online