kernel source from SL111_BRANCH differs from kernelpackages

hi there,

one question: why differs the kernel-source version from the kernel packages version in the sl111_branch?! see the following link
Index of /repositories/Kernel:/SL111_BRANCH/openSUSE_11.1 for verification.

so for now i’m not able to get the kernel source for my installed kernel! :frowning: but for some compiling issues (with virtualbox or vmware) would it be really useful to have matching versions of the running kernel and the kernel source. where could i get the kernel-source for the offered packages (or should i compile the kernel for myself with the sources …?!) thanks for an answer :slight_smile:


Hmm, I see the SRPMs in that repository (and I’m only looking at that repository) match the RPMs. How do you mean the source doesn’t match the binary?

As You can see the kernel-source is different than the kernel default and
I don’t know what benefits made You switch to this kernel, just use openSUSE 11.1 kernel and it’s kernel source and You should be fine.

Ok, I see that there isn’t a kernel-default for the latest kernel-source. This repo looks like a developer’s testing branch. Should you even be using it? The standard kernel-default and kernel-source are in the normal OSS repo.


i had problems with the delivered standard kernel from opensuse11.1 and encryption of the root fs. the kernel from that repository did the trick. at installation time there was a matching kernel-source package but one update run via zypper installed a newer kernel-source package without a new kernel. now i’m looking for a matching pair …


Have you tried the factory repo?

I can help You with the encryption because i’m running 3 encrypted partitions right now.

… i will try the factory repository. are there any changelogs available for these kernelversions hosted in this repository?!


hi, thanks for your offer :slight_smile: i’m already running right now with encrypted root fs partition. as i said i had some trouble with the standard kernel but with the update it runs smoothly … :slight_smile:

Well ok but You didn’t explain what kind of problems You had with 11.1 kernel.

… well, to close this track, i did a kernel update to the last version found in the opensuse factory trunk, it runs without any issues, so i’m running now with matching kernel and kernel-sources again. in the meantime i found out the maintainer of the sl111_branch and wrote an email to him - till now without response … :wink:

lesson learned: never run zypper update without checking packages to update before … :wink: