Kernel panics randomly, dont know how to solve this

i am on the kernel 6.8.2-1-default and its keeps panicking randomly i tried using the older kernel but it also does the same thing, it has started doing this recently, i am on a laptop with a rtx3050 and using the nvidia proprietary drivers 550.67 and i dont know what to do

Booted to the previous kernel does no such thing? If it does, run a RAM tester (e.g. memtest86 or memtest86+) for many hours (overnight or longer is better), to be sure failure is given plenty opportunity to be exposed.

Booting to the previous kernel still does not fix the issue i ran memtest for 4 hours and it did not get any error any idea what to do now.

How many passes completed in that 4 hours? With a large RAM size, it takes proportionally longer than with less. If you didn’t get in at least 4 full passes, you may not have run it long enough.

Depending on how new and/or the model of your CPU, there may be a command line option that could be necessary.

It did 2 full passes and a half pass, i have 16 gb ram and my cpu is ryzen 7 4800H should i run memtest for 4 passes?

The more you do, the greater the confidence you can have that your problem is elsewhere. I usually do 4 or more.

Ok i will run memtest overnight.

i did run memtest86+ overnight and it did 5 passes and zero error so it is not a memory issue any idea what the cause of the kernel panic might be.

Setup kexec & kdump:

You might need the 6.7.4 kernel or prior for kexec to work (depending on the CPU, seems to affect Ryzen mostly), there’s a kernel regression after that point that should be fixed with the next stable release.

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