Kernel panic occurred while using.

HI all, yesterday I have installed opensuse 13.2 into my laptop that have specs:
intel 4th gen. i7-4700HQ
8GB 1.600MHz

The problem is that during the using of PC I receive kernel panic error.

Occurred during the installation of nano using YAST software.!AgAj2Bpb!pzKeiGssCmC3o5zx5vQJFfkYcyV5VbTOBU28uTLJDio

Occurred after putting the laptop in standby!gxgHwQQY!K2LWEtQKo6ULh9CoaseNuoejAfkr9LzAxvLiFpQ7EqE

While using!AwIQXTqI!M9-5uEuMtulDyJcesH0p3WIzYvRVDOovZMMoK7CkAIs

There are a way to resolve it or I have to install another OS?
If you need more info tell me please.
Thanks in advance Andrea.

Could be lots of things. So did this start soon after install or just start after you used it for a while. Could be a corrupted file in which case a reinstall may help. It also could be a hardware problem I had this when my very old NVIDIA cards fan died. The card over heated and caused a panic