Kernel module update dependancy fail

When using software updater I get the following failure:
“ requires kernel(default:arch_x86_kernel) = f90a87e7f08a5b2f, but this requirement cannot be provided”

Should I try installing the kernel update w/o installing the kernel module packages?


The same with ATI fglx driver…
Either update kernel or use ATI driver

So I rejected kernel update and will wait until ATI driver will be built for this new kernel

dont update, i have both and set mines to ignore to update and i am now stuck on kdm loading error. i am currently reverting back to the old kernel :(:frowning:

this kernel update is causing me too much problems,

the current drivers i am having problems are

ati drivers

alsa sound drivers

broadcom wl drivers

time to shoot my self in the foot again :\

If anyone gets this sorted out I’d love to hear it. I’m having the same problem with the ati fglrx update. I suspect this is also the reason that my system freezes and requires reboot anytime I try to rotate the desktop cube, only started happening since this update became available. Argh.

Okay, I upgraded the kernel and kernel modules using YAST sw update instead of using the online update and I had no problems. It would have been more useful if the online update message gave more detail about the dependency problem in order for me to debug and resolve. Alas…

There are updated rpms with the alsa drivers for the new kernel. I maintain a wiki here: Alsa-update - openSUSE
which gives guidance for updating one’s alsa on openSUSE.