Kernel Issue after update 42.2 to 42.3 -- not booting

I updated opensuse 42.2 to 42.3 per the instructions given in linux kamarada. Update seemed to go properly. After update could not get a successful login with kernel 4.4.87-25. Got “oops system problem …” or some similar phrase. Repeated attempts to login got same message.

In grub options list at bootup there were two kernels listed:, and

Got successful login to opensuse 42.3 with 4.4.87-18.29 kernel option. That is now running per the Task Manager. As far as I can see everything works.

Strangely, software package manager shows only as being installed and has no reference to 4.4.87-18.29 which is clearly there since it is running.

Would like to get proper 42.3 kernel running and find out way to get to boot into it.

Also, in Yast boot loader option, setting the 4.4.87-18.29 kernel to the default does not work and it keeps trying to boot into the non-working kernel.

I don’t want to kill a working system but perhaps reinstalling might solve the problem.

Anyone with suggestions on how to proceed.

Dual boot system and Windows still boots fine.

I looked at “Kamarada” and thought that the “instructions” were unnecessarily complicated and long-winded. It’s much easier to either follow the method of upgrading using a downloaded NET or DVD image and transferring it to a boot USB flash drive, CD or DVD; or to use zypper to disable old repositories and install new ones, before a “zypper dup”.

However the present Leap 42.3 kernel is at kernel-default-4.4.87-25.1
In your position, I would use YaST2 to remove the “bad² kernel-default-4.4.87-25 and then execute either a YaST-Online-Update, or “sudo zypper patch”. Either of these will bring your installation up to date.

Per the suggestions from eng-int above, I deleted the kernel using yast software manager. Doing this also deleted a few more files that I don’t know of their importance. I exited software manager and ran “zypper patch”. This said that there was “nothing to do”.
I rebooted.

Now grub only gives a windows boot option and there are no opensuse options at all. Previously there were 5 opensuse options. One just opensuse (which didn’t work), and two each for each of the two different.kernels - a default and a recovery option.

I am unaware of anyway to get back into opensuse. I now only have windows 10.

Is there a way to recover/reinstall the kernel without a complete reinstall of opensuse 42.3?

Any suggestions?