kernel-desktop 3.11

Hi, I’m new to openSUSE. Yesterday I updated to kernel 3.11, this basically broke the system; wrong screen res, no internet, no battery recognition, no kbmap switching, all programs struggling to load and unable to poweroff from kde menu. Switched back to 3.7 in the versions tab of YaST2 and everything is ok again. I have all standard, un-tampered-with open-source modules and drivers and a humble AMD C70 with Arch Linux and its 3.11 kernel running fine on another partition. The 2 distros share a 255Mb boot partition so I have openSUSE set to save only the previous one kernel. I think there should be a way to make 3.11 work, any suggestions?

And how did you upgrade?
If you installed an RPM, which one was it exactly? Maybe you installed kernel-desktop-base? (the kernel-*-base flavors lack most of the kernel modules, that would perfectly explain your issues)

I updated from the KDE update notification thing. I deleted kernel-desktop-base and now everything’s ok. But it just gave me a notification that there is an update for kernel-default! Why does it keep trying to give me new kernels?? Should I delete kernel-default too?

But the update notification thing doesn’t offer you a 3.11 kernel all by itself, you must have added a repo for that. And that repo most likely contains an updated version of kernel-default as well.
Removing kernel-desktop-base probably installed kernel-default as a consequence. So you now get prompted about an exisiting update for kernel-default.

You only need one of desktop and default. Since the desktop kernel is more fine-tuned for GUI usage, you might prefer that.
Which kernels do you actually have installed now?

rpm -qa | grep kernel