Kernel default vs dekstop

Hi, I’m new to opensuse, can someone please point me to a description of the differences between Kernel Default and Kernel Desktop?

I’ve found some past threads like this link and this other link, and some other google info, which suggest the only difference would be the io scheduler.

Also, I see the default grub choice is “Desktop” and not “Default”, so I take this as a suggestion to prefer one over the other.

However, my broadcom 4312 wireless only works on the “default” and not on the “desktop” kernel, so I guess there must be other differences. I just want to evaluate which one is the less long-term risk option to go.

Thanks for your help.

the desktop & default kernels have some different drivers. it is also possible that one is not as patched as the other (or not patched at all). this illustrates why your wireless works with one kernel & not the other (driver is included with one kernel or kernel package & not the other).