Kernel compilation guide

Hi, I order to have my logitech audiohub usb speaker work without annoying buzzes I read on the net (Arch Linux Forums / logitech audiohub sound problems) that I must rebuild the kernel removing two configuration parameters.

It is safe to follow the following guide (written for 10.3) or something has to be changed?


it is fine

No, it’s not fine. You should install the alsa (advanced linux sound architecture) kernel driver. Recompiling the kernel is for experts, for users there’s an easy solution, so that you don’t have to go through this yourself.
Add the following two to your repos:
Index of /repositories/multimedia:/audio/openSUSE_11.1
(this one contains the latest alsa-packages)
Index of /repositories/multimedia:/audio:/KMP/openSUSE_11.1_Update
(this on contains the latest alsa-kernel driver (alsa-kmp…))

Install and update all packages in those, and you should have a proper working sound system.

Please explain.

From my point of view, anyone can recompile the kernel, its very easy.

Why rebuild your entire kernel, cause that is what we’re talking about, when all we need is a driver. Rebuilding the kernel means that you’d have to see that you get the driver source in the right place etc. etc. And then somebody is going to use a guide that’s writen for 10.3. Does he know about kernel changes since?
Just recompiling the kernel is easy, But to know for sure, that changes made to the kernel are the right changes…
Somebody with car trouble should not have instructions to disassemble the car, he should have the part(s) and instructions to solve the trouble. That’s what I’m trying to do, provide a solution that’s within reach for everybody.

I’ve been running linux for years, administered UNIX systems before that, and it’s been years since i had to recompile the kernel, because there’s no need for it. I just compile single modules, and installed those.

Knurpht, I completely do agree with you that the kernel recompilation is not the best solution.
I’ll surely follow your suggestion… (I’ll receive the audiohub at the end of this week so I’ll be able to try) hoping that it will help.

Having to buy that device I read on the net about problems with Linux and the kernel rebuild is the only solution I found. In few days I hope I’ll be able to say that your solution works.