Kernel boot parameters - toram, copytoram

In an attempt to copy the OpenSUSE Live CD in memory, it results in segmentation faults which suggests to me that either the incorrect parameter is being passed or it is not a feature supported by OpenSUSE. The parameter toram is passed as a boot option.

Similar to Knoppix, what is the correct parameter to pass at boot? The post from 2016 signals that toram is the correct parameter.

I know Knoppix offers toram, but where did you see it should be valid elsewhere? It’s not on kernel-parameters.txt.

AFAIK, it needs a special patch and rebuild with kiwi. Perhaps followup with the Lizards user and see if it can be re-created, else look at using kiwi yourself or Studio Express to create your own?

SUSE Studio Express

Thanks mrmazda. I wasn’t aware that OpenSUSE didn’t support kernel parameter other than those found in the list.

As i’m new to OpenSUSE does, this mean that no other kernel-parameters outside of the list are supported?

If yes, why does it permit the passing of the parameter? I would have thought it would return an error as an unsupported feature.

What options are there to support a similar outcome i.e. to copy and run from memory?

Thanks malcolmlewis. I wasn’t aware that it isn’t a supported feature in the base build. In searching online, there wasn’t an immediate reference that touched on the topic.

What other options are there to achieve a similar outcome?

The only cmdline parameters I know supported other than those in kernel-parameters.txt are those on Linuxrc and modedb.txt. AFAIK, unsupported cmdline parameters are simply ignored - no error messages expected.