Kernel adoption into openssuse 42.3 leap

This is very likely a dumb question, but I’m struggling to find an answer on the forums or the wikis.

How frequently are kernel updates applied to the leap distribution?

Example: I’m looking for a specific issue that’s addressed in a kernel update beyond 4.4.92-31-default.

Tumbleweed is at: 4.13.12 currently.

Are Leap updates on a timeline (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually)? Or, should I just move to tumbleweed since it appears that my symptom is resolved there?


I see this:

Is that a better way to test against the latest kernel while still running leap?

Not clear to me what you are really looking for, but if you are waiting for a 4-8-x kernel you will not see it in Leap 42.3, since only minor upgrades to 4.4.x are applied in the standard repositories.
Nevertheless, you may install a kernel from the Kernel:/stable repository at which is a bit less adventurous than installing the cutting edge from Kernel:/HEAD.
Stable is currently at 4.14.0, should have your problem solved and I have it running in a test install for Leap 42.2, so should work for 42.3 as well.
You might meet with problems if you need proprietary drivers like graphics drivers or VirtualBox kernel modules with kernel 4.14, but those are likely to be sorted out with updates coming in a few weeks.

The referenced community documentation describes quite a jump from OSS(official, stable and tested against almost everything) to kernel:HEAD(experimental bleeding edge, probably without some ordinary kernel modules).

Would be nice if the documentation described various levels of adventure in between the User can choose from.


Le 15/11/2017 à 18:46, tsu2 a écrit :

> Would be nice if the documentation described various levels of adventure
> in between the User can choose from.

it’s relatively harmless, because you can keep the default kernel (its
done by default)

I use KOTD (Kernel of the day) without problem

be warned than this may break proprietary software, like nvidia or
virtualbox (you have to rebuild the modules yourself)


Ubuntu bug report is for kernel 4.8. What makes you believe the same bug even exists in 4.4? I.e. did you debug your problem to be sure symptoms you see are caused by the same bug? In this case open bug report for Leap and include link to upstream commit that fixes this problem; it may be possible to backport it.