Kernel ( install failure

Currently running Leap 5.1, with Kernel During the upgrade to Kernel, and now Kernel, I receive the following message from both YAST and “Zypper UP”:

Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: Free diskspace below /boot: 14104216 blocks
error: unpacking of archive failed: cpio: Bad magic
error: kernel-default-5.8.5-1.1.gf0adcb3.x86_64: install failed

The Boot partition shows 14% used, 6.7 GB of 7.8 GB used.

What does the “below /boot” mean ?

I don’t know the answer.

When I read that, I don’t see it as complaining about space, though it could be. I see the “bad magic number” as the error. I suppose that could be due to space limitations under “/boot”.

This is an error unpacking the RPM file. And the RPM file for a kernel is largish. I’m seeing around 86M for the 5.8.0 kernel (for Tumbleweed). It does have to unpack that somewhere, and it will take up a lot more space when unpacked. How much free space do you have in “/tmp” or in “/var”?

Its because rpm in factory is build with —enable zstd and rpm from Leap 15.1 is not build with that.
And kernel from kernel:stable is factory and using all packages from factory to build.

See here:

If this error has not been, I wanted to stay on Leap 15.1 until lifetime at end of the year.
But now I have upgraded to Leap 15.2 a little bit earlier and all is working now.

Kernel 5,8.9-1 successfuly installed without intervening actions.