Kernel 5.7.11 can not boot when amdgpu diabled in bios

Ryzen, Vega8

Kernel 5.7.11
when amdgpu diabled in BIOS (external GPU set as main) Kernel crash on firt secon of loading…

Kernel 5.6.14
boot without problem, just message “amdgpu:Fatal error during initialization” at first 5 messages of kernel loading

Kernel parameter amdgpu.dc=0 has no effect

Please provide hardware/configuration information

inxi -SGMxxza

run from within an X terminal. Inxi is in default repos for such case as it’s not already installed. Please ensure xdpyinfo and Mesa-demo-x are already installed and BIOS amdgpu setting is enabled before running inxi, and paste here full input and output using the # icon above the input window (wrap output in code tags). If after re-disabling amdgpu output inxi output differs, please paste that input and output too.

this is Kernel bug, not my system bug

il try updatng OpenSuSe kernel to 5.8 now

Updateing to Kernel 5.8 fix this problem
Kernel still show huge error message on first second of boot, but it continue boot and works.