kernel 4.8 -only available in the Factorey (rolling-) release : installation tips

dear Community,

though 42.2 is avaialble - (it runs kernel 4.4) all the guys that like to test the newest stuff - should go to Factory…

Why: kernel 4.8 -only available in the Factorey (rolling-) release

is this true. ?

Well i need to install this in parallel to opensuse 13.2

guess that i do not need to do some certain grub configurations … (since opensuse 13,2 allready runs on the machine )
i guess that this - in parallel installllation can be done with ease - as a plain installation.

do i have to take care for some certain things during this installation"!?

is this true - what d o you say…

love to hear from you

best regards

Just like dual booting with Windows allow free space on the driver or prepare a partition. In the installer create partition or if you already have one select that partition. You can reuse swap and home (note in order to not mix config files in your home use a different user name). You must take control of the install don’t assume that the installer will some how know what you want

If you are just testing don’t mount a home partition it will then be created in the root partition. You can mount your real home latter if you want