Kernel 4.20 and kmp-default packages


just a simple question in case I did something wrong.
Got a few packages which build against Leap and Tumbleweed.
Tumbleweed is now on kernel 4.20, normally the Tumbleweed version of the kmp-default packages follow the Tumbleweed kernel but at the moment (build today) they show: k4.19.12_1-1.1.x86_64.rpm
They install okay though, so just asking to be sure.

thank you

Generally speaking, there are both generic kernel header packages and packages which specify the kernel version in the name.

Not in the OBS, but when I build on my own machine,
To be safe, you should install both by specific installation and not rely on automation to update.
Some builds make a diff, others not.


The Kernel 4.20 is not working in my machine as I have tried to make that runa nd also to make sure that it will be useful further and the OBS is akso still not running. How would I make this possible to ruyn on my system or I have to upgrade the system according to the kernel version.

epson error code 031008