kernel-4.14-rc2 NVIDIA

Has anyone tried to install the patched proprietory nvidia graphics driver 384.90 in Kernel-4.14-rc2 (HEAD - nvidia-4.13.patch)?
The GPL problem is supposed to be fixed in rc2 but I’m still getting a GPL error.
Nouveau’s working so I’m not too bothered although I get some flickering with it.

Oooww, this is really bleeding edge. My guess is that you’re better of in the nvidia forums

Apparently it’s an issue in the latest kernel 4.14-rc1 and according to rglinuxtech the rc2 release fixed it. Maybe openSUSE are doing something different but I assume they just build what’s released.

Just in case anyone’s referring to this thread, I can tell you the problem only seems to affect AMD cpus because kernel includes a security measure, sme-me-mask.
So would need to recompile kernel without it.
I’ll stick to nouveau for now!