Kernel 4.1.6-3 not booting TUMBLEWEED

HI everyone,

I’m new here. I’m giving Tumbleweed a go again. I used it years ago. I’m a long time linux user.

The last update to Kernel 4.1.6-3 leaves me in an unbootable state. Not a huge problem, 4.1.6-2 works just fine.

It hangs on this line:

[OK] Reached target Multi-User System.ent.atibility…(SMART) Daemon…01…module994…

I’m just not sure where to go from here. I’m not familiar with System.ent.atibility or module994–not sure if those are newer systemd things or what those are. I’ll admit ignorance here.

Thanks for your time,

I think that means that it booted, but something didn’t start up.

Are you using Nvidia drivers or similar?

Thank you! It was a knuckleheaded error on my part. I forgot I had installed the AMD drivers to test them out.

Uninstalled and it booted fine.