Kernel 3.11.10-29.1: No pptp-connection via NetworkManager possible?


I happily used the NetworkManager to establish a VPN-connection to a PPTP-Server (openSuSE 13.1).

But after upgrading to the latest kernel 3.11.10-29.1, that did not work anymore. As an alternative, I tried kvpnc (which I had used with SuSE 12.x) without success. Even from a virtual Windows machine (VMWare Player) which is routed through a virtual switch (host-only) to the internet, the VPN connection could not be established.

Falling back to kernel 3.11.10-25.1 solved the problem immediately.

Does the 3.11.10-29.1 kernel lack support for pptp or vpn connections? Can I add the capability somehow?

Thanks for your support,