Kernel 2.6.31-8 Strange boot messages

Hi All,

I am meeting some problems on my opensuse 11.2 system in the last week, I see an higher load on CPU and the system seems to swap a lot of time.
Checking on dmesg I found that at boot time I have a lot of errors: I paste a little part of the full log at the end of this post

If I am not wrong I have found and installed an official opensuse 11.2 kernel update through zypper some days ago
Moreover, actually I am not able to use yast package manager because it seems to crash during repositories refresh (or just after it)

Has someone any idea? :’(

0.013146] BUG: scheduling while atomic: swapper/0/0x10000002
0.013157] Modules linked in:
0.013162] Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted #1
0.013165] Call Trace:
0.013186]  <ffffffff81011a19>] try_stack_unwind+0x189/0x1b0
0.013193]  <ffffffff8101025d>] dump_trace+0xad/0x3a0
0.013198]  <ffffffff81011524>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x64/0x90
0.013204]  <ffffffff81011573>] show_trace+0x23/0x40
0.013211]  <ffffffff815524d2>] dump_stack+0x81/0x9e
0.013219]  <ffffffff81056ef2>] __schedule_bug+0x92/0xa0
0.013225]  <ffffffff8155340f>] thread_return+0x2a7/0x3c8
0.013232]  <ffffffff81060d88>] __cond_resched+0x38/0x80
0.013237]  <ffffffff815536cd>] _cond_resched+0x4d/0x60
0.013243]  <ffffffff81100dfa>] generic_perform_write+0x15a/0x220
0.013249]  <ffffffff81100f50>] generic_file_buffered_write+0x90/0x160
0.013255]  <ffffffff8110170f>] __generic_file_aio_write_nolock+0x28f/0x4d0
0.013260]  <ffffffff81101aaf>] generic_file_aio_write+0x7f/0x110
0.013266]  <ffffffff8114bb12>] do_sync_write+0x102/0x160
0.013272]  <ffffffff8114be98>] vfs_write+0xd8/0x1c0
0.013277]  <ffffffff8114c82b>] sys_write+0x5b/0xa0
0.013285]  <ffffffff819d508d>] do_copy+0x97/0xd7
0.013291]  <ffffffff819d49c9>] flush_buffer+0x8c/0xc8
0.013297]  <ffffffff81a01140>] gunzip+0x425/0x500
0.013303]  <ffffffff819d4ed1>] unpack_to_rootfs+0x2f6/0x41b
0.013308]  <ffffffff819d59e3>] populate_rootfs+0x72/0x13a
0.013314]  <ffffffff819d3639>] start_kernel+0x3bf/0x3e6
0.013320]  <ffffffff819d268d>] x86_64_start_reservations+0x134/0x14f
0.013326]  <ffffffff819d2803>] x86_64_start_kernel+0x15b/0x17e
0.022259] BUG: scheduling while atomic: swapper/0/0x10000002
0.022269] Modules linked in:
0.022274] Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted #1
0.022277] Call Trace:
0.022294]  <ffffffff81011a19>] try_stack_unwind+0x189/0x1b0
0.022301]  <ffffffff8101025d>] dump_trace+0xad/0x3a0
0.022306]  <ffffffff81011524>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x64/0x90
0.022311]  <ffffffff81011573>] show_trace+0x23/0x40
0.022318]  <ffffffff815524d2>] dump_stack+0x81/0x9e
0.022325]  <ffffffff81056ef2>] __schedule_bug+0x92/0xa0
0.022332]  <ffffffff8155340f>] thread_return+0x2a7/0x3c8
0.022339]  <ffffffff81060d88>] __cond_resched+0x38/0x80
0.022344]  <ffffffff815536cd>] _cond_resched+0x4d/0x60
0.022350]  <ffffffff81100dfa>] generic_perform_write+0x15a/0x220
0.022356]  <ffffffff81100f50>] generic_file_buffered_write+0x90/0x160
0.022361]  <ffffffff8110170f>] __generic_file_aio_write_nolock+0x28f/0x4d0
0.022366]  <ffffffff81101aaf>] generic_file_aio_write+0x7f/0x110
0.022373]  <ffffffff8114bb12>] do_sync_write+0x102/0x160
0.022378]  <ffffffff8114be98>] vfs_write+0xd8/0x1c0
0.022383]  <ffffffff8114c82b>] sys_write+0x5b/0xa0
0.022391]  <ffffffff819d508d>] do_copy+0x97/0xd7
0.022396]  <ffffffff819d49c9>] flush_buffer+0x8c/0xc8
0.022402]  <ffffffff81a01140>] gunzip+0x425/0x500
0.022408]  <ffffffff819d4ed1>] unpack_to_rootfs+0x2f6/0x41b
0.022413]  <ffffffff819d59e3>] populate_rootfs+0x72/0x13a
0.022418]  <ffffffff819d3639>] start_kernel+0x3bf/0x3e6
0.022424]  <ffffffff819d268d>] x86_64_start_reservations+0x134/0x14f
0.022430]  <ffffffff819d2803>] x86_64_start_kernel+0x15b/0x17e

Yeah me too. But doesn’t seem to hurt anything later, unlike you, but maybe it’s because I have lots of RAM. Sorry, no idea but I’d like to know too. Maybe search Novell’s bugzilla and if not found, file a bug? Thanks.

I found a lot of bugs opened on opensuse novell bugzilla, and I have just added my comment.

Unfortunately I can’t use yast to try kernel downgrade.

It seems to crash as reported in the first post