Kernal Panic - Not syncing got messed up and now I cannot boot.
How can I fix this?
I am running openSuse virtually on Paralells.


You say you are running openSUSE, but you avoided to fill in the version in the menu when you started this thread (choosing OTHER VERSION) and you also did not tell above which OTHER VERSION it is.

As all our crytal balls are on Xmass holiday, we realy can not guess which version of openSUSE you are running, so please tell us.

Version 11.? I think.

lib.c stuff is pretty fundamental. Normally you would boot to a live DVD of the same version and copy the file (assume you fins a copy) to the correct directory or in the extreme do a chroot but at all sure how to do that for a VM??? On the other hand not having said file may indicate a corrupted file system.

Also it is essential you know exactly what versions you are using to correct things you can not guess you must know. There never was an openSUSE 11 (there has been a SLE version 11)

I assume that with 11.? he means: one of the version that started with 11.

But I agree that not even knowing what version you have will make it easier to do the correct repairs :frowning:

It is version 11.3 64bit
I need to know how I can replace the corrupt file.

Can some body please help me on this

Please somebody help me

How do you know is messed up? Can you boot? If you were working on the metal and not a VM it would be boot to a rescue disk and install the package that has the library. But not suer how to handle it i a VM? In addition 11.3 is very old in terms of Linux time so is no longer supported and you would need to find the old repositories that may be archived somewhere.

Since we can not look over your shoulder you need to supply more information

Hi, out of pure luck I still have an OS 11.3 DVD image archived. apparently is only a symlink to (1.7 MB).
The container rpm is glibc-2.11.2-2.4.x86_64.rpm (1.4 MB).

I don’t know how this might help the OP, but if everything else fails I might arrange an upload somewhere…

If you install that it should repair things if it is really the library that is the problem