Kerberos authentication error

Hey all, I’m trying to join my 12.3 computer to my 2003 domain at work. After a long Linux dry spell I booted my workstation and received an error message stating that my Kerberos ticket has expired. I clicked Get Ticket and after about 20 seconds received the following error message:

Kerberos Authentication Error
Couldn't acquire kerberos ticket: 'Configuration file does not specify default realm'

I guess my main question is how did I do this in the first place if the configuration file doesn’t have the “default realm” specified? I’ve been Googling this error without any success and I couldn’t find anything on this forum that applies. I have a basic knowledge of Linux but this project put me out in unfamiliar territory. Any ideas on what the problem is and how I can fix it?


Joe B

Refers to the LDAP/AD Domain (realm)

Contact your AD Admin if it’s OK to simply leave and re-join the Domain, what the consequences would be.

Otherwise, take a close look at how you’re specifying the Domain.