Ken Thompson - Closing Keynote - SCaLE 20x

“I have for most of my life, because I was sort of born into it run Apple. Right now, recently, meaning within the last five years I’ve become more and more and more depressed and what Apple is doing to something which should allow you to work is just atrocious but they are taking space and time to do it so it’s ok. And I have come within the last month or two to say even though I’ve invested a zillion years in Apple, I’m throwing it away and I’m going to Linux, Raspbian in particular.”

I also have invested a very large portion of my life with Apple and the Macintosh platform, but unlike Mr. Thompson, I migrated every bit of my user data that I could out of any sort of proprietary and/or legacy format back in the early 2010s and moved to Linux (Linux Mint in particular) full time. That was one of the biggest projects I’ve ever worked on, and certainly the biggest strictly personal project I’ve ever worked on, and I have been grateful ever since for having done that.

Recently I have decided to switch to openSUSE Tumbleweed, and my transition/migration efforts continue to bear fruit.

So Ken, my boy, you need to get with the times! :laughing:

As one of the two UNIX® fathers, he admitted that, he felt a need to remain true to (certified) UNIX® as such – which for the case of personal computing currently means, Apple …

  • AFAIKS, his views on open source are not readily available, apart from the fact that, he’ll probably begin using an open source OS …


Actually, there is an interview dated 2009 where Thompson mentioned that, he was using Linux … :star_struck:

Sometimes it’s a bit strange with regard to how a person who graduated with a Masters degree from Berkeley and was hired soon after by Bell Labs, are handled by the current generation of graduates from some other University … :roll_eyes:

Well, times have changed a lot since the 1950s → mid 1960s.