Keeping network configuration at booting of the system


I am new to suse, I had been previously a windows xp user, and I do not have a deep IT knowledge.
I have installed suse 10.3. Everything went fine. I did the configuration using a normal ethernet connection to the router. After installation I wanted to start using my wireless card. I configured it, and everything looked to work fine. (Hercules wireless card.)

With the wireless card (after disconnecting the cable) I can access to the router, e.g., but if I try to access the internet, for example typing:

ping Google

I get the message:

Connect: Network is unreachable.

If I go to “check connection” option in the Kinternet tool, I get following message:

Default Route

Invalid default route:
Cannot read /proc/net/route: Resource temporarily unavailable

After reading some posts of this forum I have learned that typing the command:
sudo /sbin/route add -net gw wlan0

Everything seems to work again.

The problem is that I have to do it after every start of the system. How can I avoid it?

Thank you for your help.