Keeping familiar hostname in SUZE 11.2

I managed a first installation of SUZE 11.2 from a mag distro - downloaded the iso file - burned the dvd, installed again, looking to retain the host name for this computer. But for the second time I get a linuxXXXXX sort of host name! No chance to set my preferred one up. I like what I’ve seen of SUZE so far and am happy to move to it sort of permanently.:wink:
This legacy hostname helps me keep sane in networking matters though and I have yet to configure a networked laserprinter and add another computer. Can I re-set the hostname to my selection without harming the whole set-up? :
TIA, greybeard3

You can change the name in the network card setup in Yast.

The have certainly hidden the machine name option well in the install. I’m told it is there somewhere.

as gogalthorp says, do it in yast.

Change Computer Name / Dedicated root Password - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums

Edit /etc/HOSTNAME as root
to change hostname for loopback devices etc use yast.> network services

That is not enough. Please use the YaST method mentioned earlier. YaST does more than this.

changing /etc/HOSTNAME changes the linux.#### at the console pompt
the Yast>network services>hostname you can change loopback etc